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Music files from the very early 1920s - most acoustically recorded.

An interesting struggle seems to be unfolding before us. On one hand, groups that control the technological infrastructure (MPEG, WMA, TwinVQ, etc) are using their patents as weaponry against their competitors. On the other front, we have the music industry (RIAA) trying to squeeze all the cash they can from listeners. These are multi-million dollar interests represented in the above clash.

If this present trend continues, eventually we'll no longer be able to freely exchange older music files for our listening enjoyment UNLESS you and I - BOTH - pay someone a fee.

But, there is HOPE! The good folks at, have come up with a TOTALLY OPEN SOURCE and FREE music format, - with the .ogg extension. Players are already available, as are "plug-ins" for some popular players in Windows and Linux/Unix.

Ogg Vorbis is a fully Open, non-proprietary, patent-and-royalty-free, general-purpose compressed audio format for high quality (44.1-48.0kHz, 16+ bit, polyphonic) audio and music at fixed and variable bit rates from 16 to 350 kbps/channel. Ogg Vorbis is a popular free (as in free from patents, as well as cost) encoder, of a higher quality than mp3 - most players support ogg through a plug-in. Ogg supports full ID Tagging where track information (Artist etc) is imbedded within the music file.

Read what Forbes Magazine and John Dvorak, have to say about this new music format. (Wait for the damn advertisment to stop.)

On these pages, we have assembled a group of .ogg music files. OGG is a very high quality, completely OPEN SOURCE, and FREE music format. Listening to these melodies should show the truly high format engineering quality of these digital files.

Information on other Players are just below.

While WMP v9 is quite capable of playing .ogg files, Microsoft does not supply the player with the ogg codec.
Installing this ogg codec is extremely simple.
1) Point your Browser to : (Some versions of Windows will ask if you wish it installed. Just 'click' "yes".
If Windows does not ask if you wish it installed, not to worry, installation is very easy.
2) "Click" on the "Download the Current Version" link.
3) Choose the SAVE option and put the file in any convenient directory (or desktop) of your computer.
4) Use your 'Windows Explorer', to highlight the downloaded 'oggds' file, -and then hit "Enter".
5) Answer yes to all the prompts. Voila.... the ogg plugin has been installed in your WIndows Media Player.
You don't even have to re-boot. You may play .ogg music files immediately.

Note: 'Plugins' are still available for the older versions of the above players. However, we really suggest you simply Download the newest versions, all of which are FREE, and offer so many other advantages. One good place to download players for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems is:    Of course, plug-ins may also be available for download from other sources. (Hint: Google - "audio plugins")

Here is a list of other music players

If a file begins to download (rather than a stream beginning to play) that means your browser doesn't recognize the '.ogg' suffix.
Virtually ALL RECENT versions of audio players now play .ogg files, and you may download these new versions here: :
1)    For Linux or Windows:    Real Player ( See Linux below)
2)    For Microsoft Windows:    dbPowerAmp - dAP
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5)    For Mac:    Audion III,    and both Audacity, (free) and Amadeus II (15 day free trial) are available from same site. (all are editor/players).
6)    For Linux:    XMMS,    Audacious    and RealPlayer
7)    For Microsoft Windows:    Microsoft Windows Media Player    See note above for simple 'plugin' information.
8)    Windows Converter - ogg to mp3:    dbPowerConverter

  • "Japanese Sandman", 633kb. Paul Whiteman's Orch. The very first 'sandman' rec'd : August 19, 1920 by Victor. And, here's the reverse side of that 78rpm disk, "Whispering", (569kb).
  • "Japanese Sandman", (378kb). Harry Raderman's Novelty Orch. This one was recorded in Montreal in 1920 for Berliner Gram-O-Phone Co. and released in Nov. 1920 on His Master's Voice label 216203, Side A. (10", 78RPM)
  • "Japanese Sandman", 717kb. Billy Barton mit Orch. (His German 1930s band. Barton on vocal.)
    "Footloose", (584 kb). Paul Whiteman's orchestra, with vocalist Billy Murray.
    "Sonja", (477 kb). Paul Whiteman's orchestra, with vocalist Billy Murray.
    "Only Make Believe", (489 kb). Paul Whiteman's orchestra, with vocalist Bing Crosby. Composed by Jerome Kern with Oscar Hammerstein lyric, this lovely tune was first introduced in the Broadway musical "Show Boat". Bing Crosby sings it here.
    "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes", (583 kb). Paul Whiteman's orchestra, with vocalist Bob Lawrence. Another tune by composer Jerome Kern, but this time with lyricist Otto Harbach for their 1933 Broadway musical 'Roberta'. Since its introduction in 1933, the tune was heard in the 1939 film "Roberta", with Irene Dunne singing. In 1959, the doo wop group "The Platters", recorded it and it reached No. 1, on the "U.S. Billboard Hot 100" list. Interestingly, The Platters' rendition is also the centerpiece song to Steven Spielberg's 1989 film "Always". In 1972, the British band 'Blue Haze' enjoyed a popular remake. The song was featured in both the 1973 film 'American Graffiti' and in the 2004 Golden Globe-winning film 'Being Julia'. The B-side of Saxophonist and leader 'Boots' Randolph's LP release "Yakety Sax" also featured the tune. And the tune continues it journey. As recently as 2006, it featured significantly in both the plot and soundtrack of Hou Hsiao-Hsien's 2006 film, "Three Times".
    "Ode To A Bumble Bee's Bottom", (274 kb) Composed by the Welsh Blind pianist and composer Alec Templeton. The song is from his "Insect Suite" which also included "The Flea Fugue" and "June Bug Jive". This version is from a 1944 radio recording by the Paul Whiteman Orch.
  • "Mr Chocolate Soldier Boy Sammy", (527kb) a World War 1 tune. Played here by J. R. Europe's Hellfighters Band.
  • "Chevy Chase", (391kb) composed by Eubie Blake. (This is from an old Piano roll)
  • "Don't Tell Your Monkey Man", 593KB. Tim Brymn and his Black Devils Orch. Rec'd May 1921 Okeh
  • "Dardanella", (528kb). Paul Biese Orch. Felix Bernard and Johnny S. Black Music. Fred Fisher lyric
  • "Dardanella", (382kb). Harry Raderman's Jazz Orch. Rec'd: Jan. 9, 1921
  • "Dardanella", (599kb). Prince's Orch. rec'd: 1919

    "Dardanella", (388 kb): About 20 years after the song was composed, Judy Garland reportedly sang it on her performance at New York's Loew's State theatre, in 1938. This is an interesting rendition not only because of it's rarity, and "modern" treatment, but because of the rarely heard lyric.
  • "Ka-lu-a", (767MB) Jerome Kern Music with Anne Caldwell lyric. This tune was composed after "Dardanella". Kern was sued (and lost) for plagiarizing the bass line of "Dardanella". He was not accused of plagiarizing the melody (it was quite different) - they sued only because they claimed the bass ostinato was the same. Listen to Paul Biese's Band version above to compare. Hmmmm!
    Incidentally, some 40 years later, in 1962, C&W singer Marty Robbins released a single with "Ka-lu-a", backed with "Hawaii's Calling Me"
  • "You Tell Her - I Stutter", (630kb) Rec'd 1922. The "Original". - Billy Jones and Ernie Hare. 'The Happiness Boys'
  • "You Tell Her - I Stutter", (650kb) Rec'd 1922. (Brunswick's) Cotton Pickers
  • "You Tell Her, I Stutter", (512kb). The Georgians Instrumental. Composer Cliff Friend's first "hit" and was originally recorded in 1922.
  • "Jacksonville Gal", (600KB) Rec'd 1924. (Brunswick's) Cotton Pickers
  • "The Sheik of Araby", (632KB) 1921. Clyde Doerr's Club Royale Orch.
  • "Tishomingo Blues" (490KB). The Washingtonians [ Elmer Snowden Orch. ].
  • "Charleston Rag", (523KB), composed by Eubie Blake (from a piano roll)
  • "Palesteena", 500kb. A Piano Roll punched in 1921.
  • "Palesteena", 700kb. Eric Concierto's Jazzband Orchester (Berlin, Ger. 1920 Polyphone label.)
  • "Palesteena", 1500kb. Played on a mighty Wurlitzer Organ. date unknown.
  • "Tain't No Sin To Take Off Your Skin And Dance Around In Your Bones", 845KB. Marty Grosz, on piano and vocal.
  • "Doing The New Lowdown", 750KB. Bing Crosby vocal. Sound track of an early Hollywood film.
  • "Where Is "The Song Of Songs For Me", sung by movie star Lupe Velez, and here's the Sheet Music, as published by Irving Berlin Music Company.
  • One Sweet Letter From You, (776KB) 1923 The Original Indiana 5
  • Only The Girl", (701kb). Sam Lanin and his A & P Gypsies Orch.
  • "4 or 5 Times", (732kb).
  • "5 Foot 2, Eyes of Blue", (719kb). California Ramblers recording under the name Golden Gate Orchestra. Rec;d: New York, NY, USA. November 24, 1925 for Edison Diamond Disc. (Acoustical Recording)
  • "I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate", 540kb. Jazzbo's Carolina Serenaders (Orig. Memphis 5) 1922
  • "I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate", (486kb). Muggsy Spanier's Ragtimers. Rec'd: Nov. 11, 1939 in New York City for Bluebird. Composed: A.J. Piron.
  • "Sentimental Gentleman From Georgia", (558kb). Isham Jones & His Orchestra (vocal: Eddie Stone). Rec'd Camden US-NJ, 1932-08-17; Victor 24099. Composed by Frank Perkins; lyrics by Mitchell Parrish (1932).
  • "Admiration", (712kb). Duke Ellington Orch. (Juan Tizol song)
  • "Button Up Your Overcoat", 654KB. Golden Gate Orch. Rec'd for Edison Label
  • "Pastime Rag", 817KB. Wally Rose Ragtime Pianist.
  • "Ace In The Hole", 630KB. University Six.
  • "I Ain't Got Nobody", 627KB. University Six
  • "There'll Be Some Changes Made", 750KB, The Chicago Rhythm Kings
  • "I Found A New Baby", 788KB, The Chicago Rhythm Kings
  • "Bugle Call Rag", 563KB, NORK in 1923 recorded by Gennett.
  • "Gold Leaf Strut", 705KB, NORK, 1925 for Okeh, 1925 (Electrical)
  • "Dippermouth Blues", 736KB. 1928 Johnny Miller's New Orleans Frolickers
  • "Panama", 686KB. "Flip" side of Dippermouth above.
  • "Flag That Train". 406KB. 1925. Merrit Brunies Halfway House Orch. (N.O. LA)
  • "Sugarfoot Stomp". 596KB. 1925 Merrit Brunies Friar's Inn Orch. Chicago, IL
  • "Oh Mabel", 560kb. Denza Dance Orch. 1924 (Cal. Ramblers)
  • "(I'm Just Wild About) Animal Crackers", 878kb. California Ramblers, June 7, 1926. A 19 year old Abe Lincoln does the trombone work
  • "Jazz Me Blues", 434kb. Luilyn Brown and Her Jazzbo Syncopators, 1926
  • "Jingle Bells", 194kb. Milton Kaye at the Steam Caliope
  • "Pickin' 'Em Up and Layin' 'Em Down", 457kb. Benson Orch. 1924.
  • "Sing Something Simple", 709kb. Genuine old Nickleodion playing.
  • "Wang Wang Blues", 584kb. The Goofus Five (Little California Ramblers)
  • "Vo Do De Oh Blues", 800kb. The Goofus Five (Little California Ramblers)
  • "Keep-A-Goin'", 500kb. ( Andy Tipalidi and ) The Melody Kings. 1924 (Canada)
  • "Smiles", 535kb. Fred Van Eps Trio. (Fred on Banjo) Recorded 1919
  • "Deed I Do", 505kb. Al Lentz Orch. Al vocalizing in 1927
  • "There's A Quaker Down In Quaker Town", 712kb. Henry Burr and Albert Campbell vocalizing in 1916.
  • "Burmah Moon", 552kb. William Eckstein (piano) with Strand Trio accomp. 1919.
  • "Imagination", 650kb. Miff Mole and the Little Molers (1928) (Actually: Red Nichols and his FIve Pennies.) This tune was composed by the band's clarinetist, Fud Livingston. ("Fud Livingston, -a composer of infinitely greater range and harmonic sophistication than [Jelly Roll] Morton- had reached, by 1928, a degree of accomplishment in scoring unmatched by Duke Ellington and Don Redman." --R. G. V. Venables [Melody Maker Mag. Jan. 5, 1940] )
  • "Dixie One Step", 607kb. Miff Mole and the Little Molers.
  • "Do You Ever Think Of Me", 752kb. Rega Orch. 1921. (Actually Nathan Glantz Orch.)
  • "Left Alone Again Blues", 600kb. Harry Raderman's Novelty Orch. May 1920.
  • "I Know That You Know", 800kb. Jimmy Noone's Apex Club Orch. Chicago. May 16. 1928
  • "Copenhagen", 800kb. Dan Russo's Oriole Terrace Orch. Chicago, 1922
  • "Shake Your Shimmy", 700kb. King Mutt and His Tennessee Thumpers. 1929
  • "My Pretty Girl", 665kb. Jean Goldkette Orch. 1927
  • "Way Down In Lover's Lane", 600kb. Charlie Creath's 'The Jazz-O-Maniacs'
  • "Pozzo", 602kb. The Frisco Jazz Band. Rec'd Edison 1917.
  • "I Cried For You", 638kb. The Collegians, July 1923
  • "Somebody Stole My Gal", 535kb. Fred Elizalde's Anglo Americans. Adrian Rollin plays Kazoo at start.1928
  • "I Never Knew", 700kb. Paul Whiteman Orch. Dec. 1920
  • "Spanish Love" and introducing "La Paloma", 758kb. (Andy Tipaldi and the) Melody Kings Dance Orch.
  • "Sweet Henry From Tennessee", The Charlie Straight ORch. in 1923.
  • "Amazing Grace", 658kb. Phantom Regiment D&B Corps. (no audio compression)
  • "Clementine (from New Orleans)", 507kb. Original Indiana Five. Rec'd NYC Sept. 28, 1928
  • "Clementine (from New Orleans)", 580kb. Compressed Vers. Original Indiana Five.
  • "Cushion Foot Stomp", 542kb. Clarence Williams' Dixie Washboard Band. rec'd March 10, 1927 (somecompression)
  • "Buddy's Habit", 747kb. Charlie Straight's Orch. in 1923. (Interesting "doo-wacka-doo" trumpets)
  • "Zulu Blues", 521kb. Clarence Williams' Dixie Washboard Band. (rec'd 1926)
  • "Kentucky Blues", 620kb. Fess William's Royal Flush Orch. in April 22. 1929
  • "Wabash Blues", 520kb. (Louis) Mitchell's Jazz Kings, 1922 in Paris, France. This drummer/leader may have been the principle "flag waver" for American Jazz in Europe at the end of World War I. He originally went to Europe in 1912 with famed dancers Vernon and Irene Castle. In 1915, he was playing in British Vaudeville. In 1918, he returned to New York where he formed another orchestra which he took Paris, France, where he played at many popular hotels, and a five year residency at the famed Casino de Paris.
  • "Sirene of the Southern Seas", Tim Brymn and The Black Devils Orch., Rec'd March 1921
  • "Washboard Wiggles", 556kb. Tiny Parham Orch., "Punch" Miller on cornet and Parham on piano. 1929.
  • "Black Rag", 459kb. "Papa" Celestin's Tuxedo Jazz Orch., New Orleans, LA. 1925
  • "When I'm With You", 632kb. Papa Celestin's Tuxedo Jazz Orch., New Orleans, LA. 1925
  • "Afghanistan", 646kb. Prince's Orchestra.
  • "Mohammed", 800kb. Prince's Orchestra
  • "Over There", 586kb. Billy Murray vocal. Rec'd: 1917
  • "Mandy Make Up Your Mind", 491kb. Clarence Williams' Blue Five.
  • "Blue Hoosier Blues", 708kb. The Great White Way Orchestra rec'd June 22, 1923
  • "Stepping In Society", 573kb. The Chubb-Steinberg Orch. in 1925
  • "Hot Mama", 700kb. Fess Williams Royal Flush Orch.
  • "Henpecked Blues", 776kb. Charlie Straight's Orch. Rec'd Chicago 1923
  • "What'll I Do", 650kb. Southampton Serenaders (Ben Selvin Orch.) 1924
  • "Yesterday", 290kb. Eddie Miller's Dance Orch. Rec'd 1927
  • "Ivanhoe", 333kb. Arthur Pryor (Military) Band. Rec'd: 1908
  • "Hot Lips", 696kb. The Cotton Pickers. rec'd July 1922.
  • "Blue Rose", 604kb. The Cotton Pickers. rec'd 1923.
  • "Livery Stable Blues", 524kb. W.C.Handy's Orch. of Memphis. Sept. 25, 1917
  • "The Old Town Pump", 734kb. Handy's Orch. Columbia Records. NYC Sept. 22, 1917 - Photo of Pump
  • "Ole Mississippi Rag", 475kb. Handy's Orch. Columbia records. NYC Sept, 22, 1917
  • "That 'Jazz' Dance", (733kb). Handy's Orchestra of Memphis with "That 'Jazz' Dance (The Jazz Dance Everybody Is Crazy 'Bout)". Written by W. Benton Overstreet. Recorded in New York City on the 22nd of September, 1918 for Columbia. (Columbia A2419)
  • "South", 643kb. Oh Mama...ain't this Hot!! Benny Moten's Kansas City Orchestra, rec'd: Victor in Chicago, 1928. Moten recorded this same tune for Okeh Records in 1924, but it was only a so-so seller. If you would like to compare the two, here's the Original 1924 Version of "South" The 1928 version was a huge hit, and became the band's signature tune.
  • "Kansas City Shuffle", 565kb. Moten's KC Orch. Victor, Chicago Dec. 13, 1926
  • "Kansas City Kitty", 573kb. The Cotton Pickers. rec'd: Brunswick 1929 (electrical)
  • "Moten's Stomp", 588kb. Moten's KC Orch. June 12, 1927
  • "Sing You Sinners", 495kb. Harlem Hot Chocolates (Duke Ellington Orch.) March 1930. This is from a Durium Hit of The Week recording. (Flexible coated paper records sold weekly at local news kiosks for a few pennies.
  • "Headin' For Louisville", 544kb. Pinky's Birmingham Five. Gennett Dec. 2, 1925 Edward "Pinky" Gerbrecht on cornet, Pete Beilman on t'bone, Rube Bloom on piano, Dick Johnson on clarinet, unknown banjo/guitar player. In the early 1920s, "Pinky" also recorded as "The Dixieland Roamers". He also played with Oliver Naylor's Seven Aces
  • "Crawdaddy Blues", 437kb. Moten's KC Orch. rec'd: Okeh. St. Louis in 1923
  • "Loose Like A Goose", 636kb. Moten's KC Orch. rec'd: Victor in Chicago. July 18, 1929
  • "Somebody's Wrong", 888kb. The Benson Orchestra of Chicago. rec'd: Victor, Chicago. 1923.
  • "Hold Me", 796kb. Yerkes Blue Bird Orch. 1920 (Canadian Band)
  • "My Cutey's Due At Two-To-Two Today.", 815kb. The Little Ramblers. Aug. 17, 1927
  • "Vo Do Do De Oh Blues", 916kb. The Goofus Five (Calif. Ramblers) Okeh Records. June 15, 1927
  • "Henpecked Blues", 867kb. Isham Jones Orch. May 2, 1923
  • "Alexander, Where's That Band", 781kb. Tiny Parham's Picket Apollo Syncopators. Dec. 1926
  • "I Want To Be Loved By You", 933kb. Broadway Nitelites (Ben Selvin Orch.) Oct. 16, 1928. Ben Selvin had two female vocalists that often sang with his band from time-to-time: Ruth Etting (as she appeared singing "Cigars, Cigarettes" and Annette Hanshaw. This is Ruth Etting singing with the Nitelites. A few weeks after this "Broadway Nitelites" version of this song was released, another version was released. Here it is.
  • "I Want To Be Loved By You", (392kb). Recorded Nov. 22, 1928 in New York, NY, USA, for Harmony records. Compare the vocalists. The vocalist here is famed Helen Kane, (source unknown) - the "Boop Boop A Doop Girl". Kane was one of the stars closely associated with the composing team of Kalmar and Ruby
  • "When Eyes Of Blue Are Foolin' You.", 855kb. Howard Lanin Orch. Rec'd June 26, 1925.
  • "Kater St. Rag", 877kb. This is Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orch. 1925 Okeh recording.
  • "Me And The Man In The Moon", 713kb. The Ambassadors (Harry Reser Roch.) Dec. 13, 1928
  • "Chinaman Blues", 812kb. Erskine Tate Vendome Orch. Chicago, IL June 8, 1923
  • "Piggly Wiggly", 762kb. Beale St. Washboard Band. July 24, 1929. Baby Dodds on washboard; Frank Melrose, piano
  • "Hot Mittens", 879kb. The Bucktown Five Feb. 25, 1924
  • "The Original Foxtrot", 848kb. The Van Eps Trio. Jan. 27, 1915.
  • "Missouri Wobble", 877kb. Benny Moten KC ORch. When did you last hear a Tuba solo?
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