"'Tain't no sin to step out of your skin and dance around in your bones"

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Listen to: Click Here, "Hello Hawaii" (1915 - Schwartz, Kalmar & Leslie)

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SWING was 'the' thing, and "jump jivin' "Cats" and "Kittens" were lindy hopping in every ballroom and dancehall in the land. The Big Bands such as - Benny Goodman - "the King of Swing", the Dorseys, Glenn Miller, and a host of others, were riding high. Loyal and enthusiatic fans followed all the 'doings' of their favorite band.

For awhile, other music was to take the place of the great bands, but with the new millenium, a new generation has re-discovered Swing and Jazz. And, it's not just a nostalgia "trip", - while the new bands are indeed playing the great standards of the Swing era, they are also writing new tunes in the Swing fashion.

And the 'now' generation have rediscoverd "touch" dancing. Yes, the wild Lindy Hop has taken hold on both coasts, and everywhere in between. (A little sexual on the West Coast, a little Wilder on the East Coast.) And, the soft, romantic ballads are also again in vogue, with partners holding each other close and dancing a slow foxtrot to some dreamy music.

It's indeed a great time to be young - and in love!

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